Integration of the cutting-edge scientific developments into business
3000 delegates from Europe, Asia and America
Demo-venue for representation of Russian robotics' achievements
Implementation of automation technologies and robotics on industrial enterprises
Best world practices and adaptation to Russian realities
150 speeches
Enhancing knowledge of the Russian engineering human resources in robotics and automation
Stimulation of the demand on robotics solutions
Making robotics technologies popular
ISR unites business and science. We will discuss use of robots for business needs alongside with cutting-edge robotics inventions.
ISR unites business and science. We will discuss use of robots for business needs alongside with cutting-edge robotics inventions.
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Programme of events
July 6, 15:00
Main Plenary Session of the International Symposium on Robotics "Flexible Manufacturing: Extreme Adaptation"
July 7, 10:00
Global trands of robotics development (round table by IFR/RAR)
  • What impact has had COVID-19 on global market?
  • Which new robotics solutions have appeared?
  • Which technologies set a trend within the market?
July 7, 11:30
Future with robots (Key Speakers)
  • What future is waiting for us with robots?
  • Which technologies define the development of robotics?
  • How can people adapt to life with robots?
July 7, 13:00
Robotics development in Russia
  • How is robotics developing in Russia?
  • What are the measures for robotics support?
  • What changes should be implemented within the governmental policy for accelleration of robotics development in Russia?
July 7, 14:30
Practice of robotization. Experience of enterprises in using robots
  • What should one know in order to integrate robots?
  • How can one choose a supplier?
  • Pitfalls of robotization
  • When do one really need robots and when are robots not the right solution?
July 7, 16:00
Preparing HR for robotics
  • How to solve the problem of human resources lack?
  • What HR changes will face the enterprises which made a decision to integrate robots?
  • How can one create their own robotization department? What is the way of bringing up your own specialist?
  • Who is now preparing specialists for industrial robotics? Which retraining programmes for engineers exist already?
July 8, 10:00
Robotics as business. Challenges and opportunities
  • What business sectors are influenced by robotics?
  • How to create your own robotics company?
  • What challenges will a beginning entrepreneur face and what are the ways of overcoming them?
July 8, 11:30
Robots in logistics
  • Are storages and enterprises ready for logistics robotization?
  • What logistics operations can one effectively robotize?
  • What equipment is used for logistics robotization within the enterprise?
  • What are the benefits and restrictions for robots usage within logistics operations?
July 8, 13:00
Exoskeletons for business
  • How can exoskeletons help workers of enterprises?
  • Are exoskeletons developed enough for commercial use?
  • What is preventing exoskeletons from business success?
July 8, 14:30
Robots for oil and gas
  • What kind of robots are required by oil and gas industry?
  • What is the best way to select solutions and organize their implementation within large oil corporations?
  • What are the safety demands for robots in this sector?
July 8, 14:30
Russia - China Cooperation Forum
  • What are the opportunities of Russia - China cooperation in robotics?
  • What are the successfull cases of the Russia - China cooperation?
  • What do we need to expand Russia - China cooperation?
July 8, 16:00
Components and technologies
  • What is going on with robotics components market?
  • Which technologies define robotics development?
  • Which new sensors and materials does industry require?


Programme of events
July 7, 10:00
Modelling, planning and management
  • Methods of modelling and planning of operations in robotics
  • Modelling of technological processes of robotized operations for creating algorithm of complexes management
  • Creating digital robot-doppelganger in order to define its capacities on the stage of development and prognostic modelling
July 7, 11:30
Machine learning
  • Neural network learning automation and structured data base formation methods
  • Integration of neural network approaches and learning by trial and error in the crisis situations
  • Transparency of the decision making processes in neural network algorithms
July 7, 13:00
AI in robotics
  • Neural network based technologies for situational analyses and ensuring the safety of functioning
  • Cognitive abilities of AI and opportunities to expand robots' autonomy
  • Intellectualisation of robotics complexes based on distributed computing resources, including clouds
July 7, 14:30
Human-machine interfaces in service robotics
  • Unification of remote controls by using supervisionary regime and typical operations
  • Acoustic and optical methods of building robotics management teams
  • Robot and operator cooperation methods ensuring increasement of effectiveness
July 7, 16:00
Medical robotics
  • Technologies of coping manipulators ensuring minor surgery and micro surgery
  • Methods of robotics assistance during surgeries
  • Usage of robotics for medical procedures requiring high processing accuracy
  • Robotics solutions for fight with COVID-19
July 8, 10:00
Land and mobile robotics
  • High mobility robotics complexes for cross-country movement
  • Miniature robotics complexed for monitoring and taking measures
  • Autonomous transport for movement on prepared surfaces
July 8, 11:30
Space and air robotics
  • Orbital and planet robotics bases as the way to explore space
  • The tiered monitoring of earth's surface based on ERS tools and unmanned aviation
  • Air robotics as the way to take measures
July 8, 13:00
Marine robotics
  • Solutions for underwater communications and navigation
  • Underwater robotics fields of application
  • Vessels without crew and uninhabited underwater vehicles
July 8, 14:30
Nuclear industry robotization
  • Robotization of nuclear energy objects decomissioning technology
  • Radiation hardened manipulators for radioactive materials processing
  • Robotics for nuclear industry objects service maintenance
July 8, 16:00
Educational robotics (for children)
  • Methods of teaching sophisticated technical disciplines on early stages of learning
  • Usage of competitive principles for attracting young generation
  • Development of approaches to stimulating creativity among young generation
Denis Manturov
Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia
Milto Guerry
President of International Federation of Robotics, Schunk Intec Inc.
Susanne Bieller
General Secretary, International Federation of Robotics
Mikhail Ivanov
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia
Alexander Verl
Chair of International Federation of Robotics Research Committee, Professor University of Stuttgart
Armin Schlenk
Chair of International Federation of Robotics Marcom Committee, Director Marketing bei Yaskawa Europe Yaskawa
Alisa Konyukhovskaya
Managing Director of the Russian Association of Robotics
Xiaogang Song
President of China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA)
Marco Delaini
President of Fanuc Europe
Jonas Glimden
Chief Regional Officer - EMEA, India & LATAM
Aleksandr Lopota
Director and Head Constructor, RTC
Slavoj Musilek
General Manager, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS, Universal Robots